About Us

At Accelerated Healthcare Services, we enhance lives through friendly, professional and compassionate care. We serve individuals living with disabilities of all ages, and from different backgrounds.

Accelerated Healthcare Services was founded to provide professional and compassionate care from friendly hands. We strive to address some of the most pressing issues facing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and help them reach a higher level of independence by providing them friendly healthcare services while undertaking safe, respectful and dignified healthcare practices. 


Our programs are tailored to specifically meet the needs of every individual we serve. We are committed to improving our services, not only for the people we serve but for their loved ones as well. Delivering quality healthcare services in a friendly and dignified manner is our primary focus. We put the safety of our clients and employees first. Everyday, we work to advance the industry through our commitment to continuous quality and safety improvements, investments in people, quality, training and technology. Our goal is a community where everyone we serve receives the right care at the right time, in the safest environment and from the friendliest hands possible. By doing this, we will do our part in providing them an opportunity to live a fulfilling life.


The search for a quality home care can be exhausting. That’s why Accelerated Healthcare Services is here to help you and your love ones find the care you deserve.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the great, professional and compassionate care from the most friendliest hands possible. With this, we believe we can efficiently support people with disabilities in every stage of their lives. In other words, exceptional service from a quality team.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be an innovative leader for individuals living with disability by restoring hope, creating stability and independence there by giving them control to make the decisions and pursue the dreams that will enable them to live a fulfilling life.