Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for our services?

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Diagnosis of a mental illness, brain injury, or other disability
  • Willing to adhere to care plans created by medical providers

What is the cost of living in your facility?

Cost of living is dependent upon the needs of each individual. Please contact us for more information

How are services paid for?

Services are funded through the Waiver Programs:

  • CADI,
  • BI,
  • EW,
  • CAC
  • Private Pay

* We also support Group Residential Housing ( GRH ) assistance as a form of rental payment.

Will my room be furnished?

The living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and all other necessary rooms and living areas are furnished. Rooms for individuals can be furnished or unfurnished to allow residents to have creative freedom over how they choose to live.

How are you staffed?

We have the following staff:

    • Awake Overnight Staff Members
    • RN Services on-call 24/7
    • Direct Support Services Provided
    • Site Service Manager on call 24/7
    • Program Coordinator
    • 1-4 Staffing ratio